The Why

     Having grown up in Southern California, family camping trips to the Sierra Nevadas exposed me to an alternate reality that was magical and so different from life in the suburbs. The mountains were a place of snake handling, arrowhead hunting, stalking trout, and black bear encounters. Even though I grew up, went to school, got a job, and started a family, that magic never stopped calling me back.

     Over the years, I've witnessed the scars that people have left on many of the places I grew up exploring. I wanted to create something that made people happy and provided a way to help care for our wild spaces. It all naturally came to life as I started to share my art and use the profits to help make lasting changes in wildlife conservation. It was then that I decided the mission was "Conservation by Design"


  So, Thunderbird Design Studio was born. An artist-run business with a  conservation focus at its foundation. We understand that more needs to be done and that's why we are continuing to go above and beyond by donating 10% of all our profits to support conservation organizations across the country. We are also proud to announce that we are 2% For Conservation certified to show our commitment to conservation. 

     So far it has been super rewarding to create art that people enjoy and make friends with great souls in our fishing and hunting communities. We are super excited for all the things to come in the near future!

      Join our journey as we continue to create and give back.
Thanks and tight lines!  – Robin McCormack

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